Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ok Serious Issues

So anyone that has heard about my Baja plans I am sure would think that I have issues. Because even though my last post stated that I changed plans again, I have yet changed plans another time. So the body in the last post that I bought was for the doors only and was considering to use for my Baja I decided against it because it was a Super Beetle and the fire wall layout was different and took away from your leg room. I didn't like that. So I decided to sell it. The cool thing about it is that I bought that body for $100 and I sold just the roof section of the body for $100 and scrapped the rest and actually made money. I still have the doors too. I don't think I need them at this time but I still have them if I want to sell them and make more money.

Well I was getting restless and Lindz kept supporting me in getting a running bug and work on it while I could still drive the Baja around. So I did it. I found a Baja without a motor and picked her up. I also sold my Malibu so now this Baja is my daily driver.
I have since been working little by little on the bug. The first task was to install the motor that I had from my original Baja project purchase.
It was pretty simple to install the motor. There were electrical obstacles to overcome but it was a good learning process. I have already been in the dirt some so the motor is dirty.
The other items that I have done was to install the racing bucket seats, put on the new rims and tires, and hook up most of the gauges.
I am still planning on using my original '76 pan. My cousin and I are going to redo all the brakes and I also got a new 3" body lift that I am going to use to get a little more room inside the Baja. Once complete I will swap the body onto this pan.

That is my current update. She is a blast to drive!

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